Our approach to design is in our DNA. And it's the essence of our brand that is summed up in three simple but elegant words: Life Up Here. Since the MARGE team understands your unique and elevated perspective, our promise is to design and deliver timeless staples that not only fit your frame, but complement your lifestyle and earn your trust. 

Tall women deserve high-quality, expertly designed and impeccably constructed clothing to fit and flatter their frames and their lifestyles. That’s why each collection, each piece, is carefully and thoughtfully designed in house by the MARGE design team for the fashionable, stylish, modern tall woman of today. MARGE offers tall women and girls a variety of timeless, classic staple and statement silhouettes and styles in the highest, finest quality materials and fabrics. It’s all about ease and comfort for the taller, longer, elongated frame. MARGE brings luxury to life, with classically elegant styling with a modern sensibility in luxurious fabrics to last Season to Season, day to night, casual to formal. Welcome to Real-life Luxury. Learn more about Our Fabric Philosophy: Overview, Sourcing, Curating and Design Process


Meet the five working principles of our Design Philosophy:

NOSTALGIC. Acknowledge, appreciate and learn from the past. Whether we remember an era, an influential person, an artist, a statement piece or silhouette, we commemorate and embrace how the past has shaped present moments.

CURATED. Invest all the time and thought it takes to hand-select every fabric and trim. Work with only premier partners, vendors and design solely for the MARGE woman, who carefully curates every piece in her closet as an investment to wear for years to come.

AUTHENTIC. Stay true to our beliefs and our aesthetic. Be self-effacing, transparent, honest and vulnerable about the nuances of being tall. Acknowledge the challenges but remember to embrace the opportunities. Never try to be something we're not.

TAILORED. Thoughtfully measure and exquisitely construct every garment to be personal, unique and special. Contour our creations for the MARGE woman who tailors her fashion to her life, balancing every aspect of her personality, desires and experiences.

URBANE. The MARGE woman is confident, refined, intelligent, cultured and fashionable. Every garment we create reveals femininity, a classic elegance, and elevated sophistication that flows with the pace of modern life.

For tall women who are seeking unique ways to feel beautiful inside and out, MARGE is here for you. Life Up Here says: Welcome, we've been waiting for you. Together, let's enjoy elevated living.