If you've met MARGE, you're most likely aware of our passion for luxe fabrics. Sourcing, curating and designing one-of-a-kind materials for your one-of-a-kind elongated frame is our specialty. But, do you know where our inspiration comes from? Read more to find out.

Our unique approach to fabric is derived from several beliefs and values, which we reveal in our five-part video series we invite you to watch, called, Our Fabric Philosophy.

Our fabric philosophy has, and will continue to be inspired by groundbreaking, progressive ideas within the larger fashion industry. Designers, artists, creatives all play a role in shaping how brands like ours, understand and place value on fabric - its capabilities, message and impact.

In this installment of MARGE Moments, we celebrate one of the many inspirations behind our design process. We invite you on a truly unique and creative journey with the up and coming artist, Benjamin Shine.

In short, Shine has mastered the art of fabric manipulation using his fashion design knowledge and techniques to create gorgeous 3D art. In his project entitled ”The Dance”, he uses vibrant magenta and blue tulle to build something quite extraordinary - stories - feeling - expression through fabric. We invite you to be inspired by the images and videos above and below.