Meet the designers & sewers of the MARGE & TALL GUIDES Magazine #SewTallAndCreative2017 Design Challenge

Four Participants. Thoughtfully Selected. Creative & Talented. Meet the designers & sewers of the #SewTallAndCreative2017 Design Challenge and catch up on their progress to date...

Meet Tiffany of Pretty Tall Sew 'n' Sew

Lovely at 5'11 from Jackson, Mississippi, Tiffany is a self-taught seamstress, gaining interest in sewing at a very early age. Her dad would buy her little sewing machines that sewed yarn through paper. She'd also take old clothing and cut them into doll clothes using staples as her stitches.

She didn't pick up the interest of sewing again until around Christmas 2013 when her husband purchased a $50 sewing machine that she had been stalking on Walmart's website. She was slightly intimidated by the machine at first so she did not take it out of the box until January 2014. She watched the dvd that came with it and learned to thread the needle and how to fill the bobbins. After that, her sewing journey began! It is one of the most rewarding hobbies that she's ever had. The pay off is that she gets to wear things that she could never find in a department store.

As a tall girl, she could never find a jumpsuit or a maxi dress that touched the ground. Some of the sleeves on tops and sweaters never covered her wrists. Some shirts were too short, never passing her belly button. She stayed away from it all.  Now, if she wants it, she makes it. It's a beautiful feeling! She's always learning new things with sewing. Although it's been almost 3 years, she has so much more to learn and improve on.

She will be posting her creations (past & present), sewing ideas, inspirations, Outfit of the Day, tall friendly finds, and anything else that may cross her mind from time to time on her blog: & Instagram at @prettytallsewnsew. *Content and imagery compliments of Pretty Tall Sew 'N' Sew website. 

#SewTallAndCreative2017 Update: Inspiration & Intention


Meet Janet of DIY Wardrobe

Lovely at 5'10 from West Midlands, UK, Janet is interested in learning how to make clothes that fit really well, and that she’ll wear over and over again – the sort of thing that is really hard to find in the shops.

Janet wants to produce content that’s helpful for other people, mixing tips and advice with stories of her own successful and less successful makes. And she’s hoping to get some tips from more experienced sewers along the way on her blog: & Instagram @diy_wardrobe. *Content and imagery compliments of DIY Wardrobe website.

#SewTallAndCreative2017 Update: Inspiration & Intention

Meet Beth of Sew DIY

Lovely at 5'11 from California, Beth is originally from Oregon but now she lives and works in Los Angeles in a sweet little apartment filled to the brim with fabric and yarn and palm trees outside her windows. During the day she works full-time as an art director and graphic designer. When she's not spending time with friends and family, she's making things and working on her little blog.

Beth started her first blog, Lula Louise, in 2006 as a way to share her DIY design with the world. In 2014, she decided to change the name to Sew DIY to better reflect the content of the blog. She often looks to blogs for advice on sewing pattens or project inspiration so she wanted to share her perspective too. She wanted to eventually open a shop and start selling her patterns. And maybe that will still happen one of these days. The blog is also a great way to have a record of the things that she has made. She thinks it is kind of funny to go back and look at posts she wrote 5 or 6 years ago. So much has changed yet still stayed the same.

Beth's family is a very crafty bunch. They are all makers of different sorts from furniture to ceramics to screen printing, so the idea that she can make things myself really comes naturally. As a kid she loved doing "experiments" trying things out to see what would happen. That curiosity nicely segues into being a designer where one must try new things, come up with new ideas and solve problems.

The most simple answer to "How I learned to sew" is that her mom taught her. When she was a little girl her mom made her sweet little dresses with matching purses. Her mother is still mad that she refused to wear one of them. (Sorry Mom!) She took home economics in middle school and learned some basic sewing techniques. Then her mom helped her make a dress. After that she took more classes in high school and college and just practiced A LOT.

Beth's family was on a cross country road trip when she was 8 years old when her mom bought her some yarn and knitting needles. She taught her the basic knit and purl stitches and she sat in the back seat "experimenting". She made a long, haphazard scarf out of pink variegated yarn. She didn't pick up knitting again until she was in college. She bought herself a how-to book and supplies. Then she made mittens on double pointed needles with color work.

Beth went to school for graphic design. And then she practiced a lot. She learned so much after she started working. These days there are a lot of great resources on the web for designers but nothing beats the hands on instruction and critique you will get in a classroom. Taking classes is also a great way to practice design and everyone needs a lot of practice.

Beth has a Brother CS6000i that she's had for a year or two now. It's an upgrade for her from another Brother. She chose this one specifically because it has a walking foot which is necessary for quilting and makes sewing knits way easier. She also has a Brother 1034D serger. A serger is great for making really clean finished edges and for knits. Seriously if you want to sew a lot of knits you should get a serger and a machine with a walking foot. Check out Beth's blog here: or Instagram @sewdiyblog. *Content and imagery compliments of SEW DIY website.

#SewTallAndCreative2017 Update: Inspiration & Intention


Meet Allison of The Tall Mama

A lovely 6’0 from Australia, Allison has had her share of fashion struggles and wants to share the wisdom she has gained over the years (decades!) to dress her tall frame. Her blog is the advice she wishes she could have given her younger self!  When she was younger there was no online shopping and Australian retailers did not carry tall sizes, even now the pickings are slim.  She is so thankful for online shopping!

Fortunately she has always loved to sew (compulsively!) so she's been able to make clothes when she just couldn't find anything that fit. She is constantly refashioning items and will sometimes buy things that don't fit because she knows she can make them work.

There are lots of blogs out there for refashioning, but none she could really relate to.  As a tall woman she cannot buy an over-sized mans shirt and make it into a cute shirt dress, it's a just a big shirt on her!  She cannot buy a mini dress a size or two larger to make it a modest length, it's just a baggy mini dress on her!  And she has NEVER had to hem her jeans... can she have the bits you cut off?!!

Allison's blog chronicles her sewing and refashioning adventures and challenges her own style because as a Mama of two toddlers it is easy to get stuck in a jeans and tee rut. She hopes to inspire outfit choices and to be inspired by other tall women.  

She hopes to encourage those who don't sew (yet!) to do so and to give easy refashioning tips and DIY's to make clothes longer / work for the beautiful tall frame. Check out her blog here: and Instagram @the_tall_mama. *Content and imagery compliments of The Tall Mama website.

#SewTallAndCreative2017 Update: Inspiration & Intention

Stay tuned for more updates from the #SewTallAndCreative2017 Design Challenge! The designers and sewers will soon be updating everyone on their second milestone: Concepting / Initial Design Process - sketching, selection of fabrics, silhouette of choice.






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