As the Spring Season segues to the Summer months, we find ourselves warming with a deep, reflective appreciation for where MARGE has been and is today.
As many of you know, my grandmother, Marjorie was incredibly inspirational to me and to this brand. A traditionally trained fashion designer and illustrator, ‘MARGE’, in many ways, was not a traditional woman. She lived a long, bold, unapologetically adventurous life, which is why it seemed fitting my first label pay homage to the woman who taught me so much. What began as a nostalgic tribute to my grandmother and a solution to my own desire for modern, curated apparel for the elongated frame, has essentially evolved into a forward-looking vision.
I am very proud of what MARGE has accomplished: namely becoming the first and only luxury clothing brand to revolutionize fit and exclusively design for the taller woman. Recognized by VOGUE and Harper's Bazaar UK, GLAMOUR, New York Magazine's The Cut, Huffington Post Style, San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Examiner to name a few, I have cherished every moment of the MARGE journey. H
owever, it is time for me to move on - to a label that authentically supports my evolution as a designer.


In the coming Autumn/Winter months, I will seek inspiration from that which surrounds me - delving deeper into my creative soul, uncovering a new energy and aesthetic direction as I begin designing under my own name, KAERSTEN COOPER. Whereas the MARGE brand encompassed elegance and grace - my grandmother's innate qualities - KAERSTEN COOPER will be much different and well, more me: daring and direct.

You can take comfort in knowing that all of the founding principles of MARGE - our fabric philosophy and commitment to fit, quality, design, variety and availability will inevitably be inherited by my new label. So, to our valued, cherished and loyal community: on June 30, 2017, MARGE will, with gratitude, say goodbye. Current and past Season styles will remain for sale online, and any outstanding gift cards or discounts will be honored through the end of June. If you have any questions, contact company@margeclothing.com.

I'd like to extend a sincere thank you to our MARGE Women, clients, family and friends. I'd also like to thank the partners, influencers and brands that have taken notice, seen value in and embraced our ideas. We could not have come this far and garnered this much recognition without you.

The best part? The story isn't over yet. We'll be posting updates via social media and our blog as KAERSTEN COOPER begins to take shape. Join me on this exciting journey, won't you? With love and gratitude...